How To Index Your Website On Google


Index website on Google


Congratulations on your plan to create a website as it is essential in today’s time to help your business reach greater heights. While launching a free Google website is tough, getting it recognized is even tougher.

Yes, when you first start out & since your website is completely unknown as you don’t have any inbound links & of course you are not visible on a search engine such as Google.

While there are different ways you can index website on Google, let’s quickly give out some tricks to help you index website on all search engines!

  • Submit Your Website URL To Google

This is a no-brainer at all but it must be the first thing to be done. This is crucial as unless you don’t submit my site search engine, Google won’t index it if it has no idea about it, so submitting your homepage URL is what could be stated as the best place to start.

However, this may not be a quick indexing method, but rest assured, it’s safe & sure that webmasters boast of.

Simply keep adding one URL per domain (usually the homepage), else it may be marked as spam. Not to mention, Crawlers of Google will also find all other pages listed on your website by following internal links.

  • Add An XML Sitemap

Since Google’s crawlers may take some time to index all your website pages, the larger the website, the more time taking it will be, it will be a great idea to add an XML sitemap as this showcases Google all your web pages much ahead of time.

If you have a large eCommerce website, you now know what to do, right? Simply add an XML sitemap & get your website ahead on the road to the Google Website Ranking.

  • Submit An Article

Another trick to get your websites indexed faster is by submitting an article on Digg, Reddit or other social news websites. Yes, your URL is likely to be picked up very quickly by Google.

  • Get Quality Inbound Links

One of the other major tricks will be to get as many quality inbound links from quality & authoritative websites as possible to speed up the indexing procedure.

So, what are you waiting for? Use aforementioned tips & index your website on all search engines! Happy Indexing!

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