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Do you like posting images on Instagram? Why do you like it? Ask yourself!

You will have to admit that we all are living in the age of ‘camera in everyone’s pocket’ & with more than 3 billion camera phones in use & counting, we are into a dynamic time around image creation & content.

The Rise Of The Age Of The Visual Culture

Yes, the rise of an image centric social media platform such as Instagram could be labeled as the classic example of the time we are living in an age of visual culture. People are posting social media marketing images on Instagram & getting fame & much more.

Thus, in the context of the same, let’s quickly list out as to why images are a must in today’s fast changing social media advertising sphere.

If you have an online business presence, you roll out press releases, or even if you have a simple Facebook page centric to your business, then you must publish some photos & images as part of your social media advertising tactics.

  • You must know that content with images get around 95% more total views than without images

  • Have a press release to reach out to the mass? Do nothing, include an image!

  • More than 60% of the end-users are more likely to contact/consider a business when an image displays in the local search results

  • While shopping on an eCommerce website, shoppers (67%) are very particular about the quality of the product’s image while deciding whether to go for it or abandon the shopping cart

  • In an online store, customers think that image & its quality holds more value when compared to product-centric information (63%), a long description (54%) & ratings & reviews & other aspects (53%)

  • Facebook posts with photos have 0.37% & without image posts have 0.27% engagement rates

Thus, as you know that a picture is worth a thousand words, incorporate it as part of your social media advertising campaigns to win & retain more customers or end-users.

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