Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Podcast On Social Media

Drive traffic to your podcast on social media


Heard about podcasts? It’s a new social media promotion tool that everyone is going gaga over!

Yes, with the passage of the time, the number of people listening to podcasts has increased, and as a result, many companies are already investing in podcasts to attract more eyeballs or shall we say ‘ear balls’.

Yes, since a podcast channel is an awesome way to build up our network & as it helps in enhancing credibility & visibility for the targeted industry you deal in, it is important to promote your podcast channels & episodes.

Let’s quickly provide you with some handy tips to do it easily.

Social Media Promotion

Promoting your podcast on social media platforms is an easy tool to drive traffic to your website. All that you need to know is where to start, create a schedule & vouch for it. It is vital to do as people are connected on social media platforms almost every time & podcasting will be an instant hit.

Episode Updates

Once a new update is made on a podcast, it is vital to carefully yet effectively promote the episode update all across such as your social feeds. This will let your end-users know about a new content available & will help in the user engagement.

Tease your Audience

It is also a good thing to stimulate your users with a short teaser of an upcoming episode. It will create enough buzz among them to wait for the episodes to be finally uploaded & will give you nice traffic.


Once you come to know about that an episode is a hit, just reshare it time to engage your end-users & drive more traffic to the website. It is vital as popular episodes are bound to get you more visitors as the news spread.

Don’t wait, go ahead & implement these crucial tips to make your podcasts drive more traffic to your website.

If you look to promote business through social media or looking for a social media promotion company, you have just landed at the right place to get started.

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2 thoughts to “Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Podcast On Social Media”

  1. Am keen to explore tech possibilities in this area.My field of expertise is such where am facing scale related issues and I have concluded the best way to reach out is through podcasts.I am not tech savvy in this area.Can you and your firm help me with advice,support and creating a channel.

    I have spent 27 years conducting programs and my content is my USP.But outreach is a challenge.

    I am based in Pune.

  2. This was an awesome read and I detilifeny appreciate that you were able to get over your personal fears to share valuable stuff like this to all of us. Yay![]

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