How Voice Search Can Affect SEO ?

Voice search affects SEO services


Some people don’t have time to type a keyword on a search engine & make their searches with their voice. So the question that arises is, can voice search affect SEO Marketing & more related aspects?

Let’s dig deeper because various terms from time to time do affect the methodologies of the internet marketing!

In some ways or other, voice search is negatively affecting the potential SEO results:

Death Of Keywords

Yes, there is no proper set of keywords that people are searching on a search engine with their voices & it is diminishing the power of keywords. Voice search is enhancing the context-based searches & results, which denotes that keyword research efforts are going down the drain.

Unpredictable Search Behaviours

When people are made to type keywords into a search bar, it becomes easier to predict search behaviours, not anymore, with voice search; users are searching even more frequently, & in a manner less predictable.

Fewer Screen Engagements

With users able to conduct searches & getting answers without looking their screens, the value of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) entries is declining slowly but steadily.

However, the bright side is that voice search is helping the local relevance to growing. It is important to note since a voice search is conducted on the go, so it’s possible that hyper-local optimization & local SEO Marketing will grow.

As a webmaster, it is your duty to keep a tab on what’s trending on Google & adapt your website accordingly to survive & make profits.

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