Snapchat Starts To Follow Facebook Footsteps Of Styling Ad Targeting

Snapchat follows Facebook ads styles


It’s not a bad thing to follow someone who has done something bigger & better inspiration can always be drawn & accordingly changes could be made so that it brings profits for your business or anything else that you think.

While talking about changes, Snapchat has started to follow Facebook Ads by announcing new & powerful ad targeting features.

Let’s quickly know some features of this Facebook AD targeting by Snapchat.

  • Snapchat will enable a business to position their ads in the daily mobile audience of more than 150 million. It will depend on user’s advertising identifiers & email addresses attached to their phones.

  • Advertisers will now be enabled to target content based audience ads such as music, entertainments, technology, sports & more.

  • Three categories have been launched which are Snapchat lifestyle, Lookalikes & Snap Audience match categories.

  • If you don’t want unwanted ads on Snapchat to pop up, it is planning to come up with something which will remove or block those ads from irritating users.

Be informed to know that these features are not something that’s new in the market as Snapchat is unable to provide anything original on its own as is just following Facebook Ads methodology or Facebook Ad targeting as these trends are initiated by Facebook.

However, with some unique ad formats such as sponsored video lenses & vertical video ads, Snapchat has made its presence felt amongst users & industry watchers.

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