Campaign Groups – A New Feature in Google Adwords Account

Welcome ‘Campaign Groups, the new feature in the Google AdWords Campaign account!

The introduction of the campaign group has made it easier for performance & monitoring of the AdWords.

What Is Campaign Group?

The campaign group helps to bring all Google AdWords campaigns into one group & also make them very easy to track, analyze & improve. With a campaign group in action, marketers & brands can use this plan to monitor & track their marketing themes across their entire ad opportunities network.

Campaign Group Advantages

  • Helps check campaigns & makes it easier to track metrics from all campaigns on a single platform

  • Get your set advertisements progress’ notification

  • Saves time in reports compiling to monitor campaign growth & performance by keeping them grouped under campaign groups

  • Easy to forecast marketing campaign performance

  • It also acts as a Google AdWords Tool & allows users to list out AdWords in a single campaign group

Setting Up Campaign Groups

Yes, setting up a campaign group is easy & one can also create numerous with specific targets accessible from left side AdWords bar & advertisers can also monitor the performance on the parameters of conversion goals & clicks.

What’s more, you can also use it to set some definite campaigns for segments such as conversions, total clicks, CPC & CPA.

Campaign Group has rightly emerged as a sensible monitoring feature & has no changes as far as the functionalities are concerned. As an AdWords planner or advertiser, you should make full use of it to derive more out of your online business.

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