How You Can Improve CTR By Google AdWord Ad Extensions

Google AdWords Ad Extensions are very important for an online business. It is vital to the fact that they provide critical information that usually organizations employ for their business growth.

Since many types of extensions are in practice & beneficial for numerous devices that are used ranging from desktop to mobile devices and knowing where these AdWords ad extensions work is central to help businesses make business driven decisions.


Sitelinks let users showcase their links on their website & the major landing page in AdWords ad. Desktops & tablets ads could be shown anywhere from 2 to 6 site links & mobile services browsers can also show up to 4 additional links. It also exhibits reports about a user’s ad clicking behavior.

Location Extensions

With the location extensions, advertisers willing to add an address in their campaign can do it & even users can also get to contact address & phones numbers if they search related keywords.

Call Extensions

If you plan to let your customers directly call you, you can also attach a business contact number to the ads. It also works big time on mobile devices as companies can also gauge phone call conversions, a vital business feature which entrusts on call traffic than anything else.

Product Listing Ad Extensions

If a user has a Google Merchant Centre Account, it can easily contain products relevant to what a user is searching for! A product extension features such as titles, images, product prices are then displayed underneath letting the users include even more relevant & in-depth product information.

Review Extensions

A review extension displays customer-provided reviews of their purchasing experience with any brands. The ratings are then placed next to the AdWords ad & are showcased on laptops, desktops & of course mobile devices with full-fledged browsers.

It is important to take help of these Google AdWords Ad Extensions for the brands & marketers to understand & analyze various customer analytics & behavior to position their strategies even better in the future.

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