Whatsapp Launched Video Calling

WhatsApp has recently launched support for the video calling feature to its app. If you are still making paid video call or using other platforms to do so, time is just ripe to change your perspective & opt for WhatsApp video calling app as it provides amazing benefits.

Video Calls Are Encrypted End-To-End

Video calls on WhatsApp are always encrypted end-to-end which means that no one, expect you & the person you want to call can access it. Yes, even WhatsApp don’t have the access.

No More Annoyance

No anonymous caller can annoy you by sending a call request & this is possible as the calls can only be placed to people in your contact list/address book.

Optimized For Slower Networks

Many regions have low-bandwidth internet connectivity & to tackle this prevailing issue, WhatsApp has optimized its video call for slower networks.

No Need For Other Video Calling App

Once you have installed the WhatsApp video calling app, you don’t need any other video call app as WhatsApp is one of the largest apps with the largest active users’ base. So, don’t worry, make video calling free!

Works On iPhone & Android Platforms Fine

When compared to FaceTime, WhatsApp video calling is enabled to work on iOS & Android platforms seamlessly.

So, if you are looking to make video call free to your loved ones anywhere on the Earth free, simply download the WhatsApp video calling app & switch to a better technology to reap its great benefits.

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