How To Combine Email and Facebook For An E-Commerce Marketing Campaign?


People have the concept that an email marketing & social media advertising such as a Facebook marketing campaign or an ecommerce marketing campaign are distinctively two separate activities.

However, the fact of the matter is that you can combine these forms to get some amazing results for your business. Let’s discuss!

Email List Can Create Custom Audience On Facebook

If you have a clothing e-commerce website, create individual lists segregating categories & gender & if you are using CRMs such as Mailchimp, Salesforce or Hubspot, spread contacts as CVS files & upload it on Facebook with the help of the Ad Manager under audience’.

If you log in to the business manager account or ads manager, go to the ad account & click on the top-left page corner, the drop-down menu.

If you are unable to see it under the above option, click ‘All Tools’ it will show under the ‘Asset’ section.

Click on ‘create a custom audience’, select the customer file & then opt for ‘choose a copy or file’ & then upload the CSV file on Facebook.

Now, Facebook will then match with the emails with specific Facebook users with 20-25% match rate, but the same will be on the higher side for e-commerce websites.

Email List Can Create Facebook Audiences

A Facebook ad is laced with one of the best features to enable to produce similar audiences from uploaded email lists. Facebook will be the same as the equivalent individual profiles in your email lists with a broader group of people with same profiles depending upon interests, behaviours & demographics.

The more you include more people on the original mailing list; there will be a more similar audience.

Launch Simultaneous Campaigns For Maximum Reach

You can organize a social campaign that targets your specific email list. Increase the allocation to ensure everyone sees your ads at least once when the campaign is live.

An excellent manner by which you can facilitate it is through having a look at the close reach while creating an ad campaign & also ensuring that you have a high budget than the approx range per day are equal to some people on your lists.

By incorporating these ecommerce marketing strategy types, you can easily combine email & Facebook for an ecommerce marketing campaign without many efforts!

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