Twitter Launches Longer Videos, Vines & New Engagement App


Do you like to post videos on Twitter? There is good news for you all!

Yes, Twitter recently announced that the users will now be able to create & post longer videos which were earlier restricted to just 30 seconds.

Make Longer Twitter Video Now

Yes, with the new announcement, you can now post videos up to 140 seconds & now can enhance the Twitter marketing strategy to target more users.

Twitter looks all set to engage more users with rising competition from other social media platforms such as Instagram (increased their video limit from 15 seconds to 1 minute).

Take Benefits From Vines

What’s more, even Vines have also extended 6 seconds limit to 140 seconds with the option to watch more’. While the new Vines will appear in the old fashion, but when clicked on the ‘watch more’ icon, you will be able to watch a full-length video of 140 seconds.

Engage & Analyze More Users With The Engage App

Twitter has also announced its new Engage app, the new Twitter analytics app which will help its users to monitor & track posts & even the followers about what they are tweeting about!

The app is focused on analytics importance with real time data insights to help know the posts’ performance, high & low performing tweets, followers & more details.

Marketers Benefits

  • They can now exhibit their creativity in creating longer videos to send across their message even more confidently which was a challenge to deliver in 30 seconds.

  • Video views are already gaining popularity on various social media platforms & businesses are already harnessing the medium to streamline their story telling & coerce purchase plan.

  • Marketers can now compete with YouTube, Instagram & Facebook videos which mean that it will open a new spectrum altogether.

  • They can now create their impression to lure followers on a large scale.

So, why don’t you take full benefits of these Twitter announcements & be with great influencers in creating meaningful content as a part of your Twitter marketing strategy to target the right audience & engage them structurally.

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