Why Google Analytics On WordPress Blog / Website Is Important

First things first!

If you want to make your own blog or have a WordPress blog website & want to track your visitors & other engagement aspects, you need to integrate Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic easily.

Yes, Google Analytics is a free tool from the house of the Google which is used for website statistics of various types & analytics.

While its free version is good for small websites, you need to subscribe to its premium version if you are a large e-commerce website or generally a large website to track.

Why Google Analytics Is Important?

  • Google Analytics assists you to check the total number of visitors visited on your blog every day, week, month & year. It can also let you compare traffic with a previous year or month & based on results; you can go ahead to draft your strategies to attract more visitors.

  • What’s more, Google Analytics also aids you in understanding your customer behaviour.

  • You can know what people are doing on your website, which posts are generating more leads, how much they are at a particular page & which is the most visited post on your WordPress blog website & much more similar information.

  • It also provides vital information such as the website visitors sources such as how many visitors are visiting organically and how many people landed on your site from websites where your blog is listed.

So, if you are blogging with WordPress, integrating of the Google Analytics is important to let you analyze your blog’s performance as far as visitors, their behaviour & much more similar aspects are concerned.

If you still don’t have it, get to the Google Analytics today!

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