Blending Of Offline & Online reach of digital content

Marketing your business is all about identifying, focusing on & utilizing the behaviour of your target audience. If you don’t give what your customers demand, your business presence is bound to cease with time.

While it’s a good strategy to engage users & get leads by incorporating various digital & online reach plans or activities, it is also important to use offline content marketing strategy to get more out of less.

In other words, a perfect blend of online & offline marketing strategies is vital to succeed in today’s time.

Let’s discuss some vital points concerning the same.

Bring Offline Events Online

An offline events based marketing strategy can take many forms. They include parties, fundraisers, seminars, workshops, open houses & more. These events centre on launching a new product, networking or celebrating an anniversary or community building.

So, if you have some offline events lined up, bring it online by promoting & announcing it via social media platforms or email marketing.

These platforms can help you in creating the right buzz for your offline events & knowing the number of people going can encourage more people to join.

Once the event is live, opt for real time marketing to post real time pictures, videos, live videos & more to engage more users online.

Once the event is over, you can create an email, Facebook post or an Infographic on your social pages thanking everyone for attending.

Bring Offline Sales Online

Enhance the reach of your in-store promotions by sharing them online. One of the simplest ways to do it by coming up with a catchy name for your promotion & incorporate a hashtag (#) for Twitter or Instagram or you can even come up with an attractive image & turn it into a visual post.

Other Online To Online Marketing Strategies

  • If a customer had a pleasant experience, ask them to write an online review

  • If you have a memorable experience with a customer, you can go ahead & share it on your blog or newsletters with lesson learned or the takeaways

Some Key Ideas To Bring Your Online Marketing Offline

  • Promote your social media offline – Give business cards, brochures, signs & banners & flyers to your subscribed customers. Announce contests online but giveaways through printed materials

  • Submit To Local Newspapers/Magazine – Reach out to local magazines & newspapers to see if they can publish one of your blog posts. Print media readers are different from digital audience & they are untapped market that you can explore as well

  • Print eBooks – Another method to get your online content offline is by producing it yourself. Yes, you can print eBooks & turn into brochures, pamphlets for quick user experience & feedback

It would be better if you integrate online & offline marketing strategies to help you give the benefits of the world worlds!

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