How To Track Conversions Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place that every digital marketer should have a presence because LinkedIn marketing & networking can go a long way to establish a successful business relationship with various domains & people.

Now the moment has arrived which every B2B advertiser has been waiting for – Yes, LinkedIn recently announced conversion tracking for text ads & sponsored content.

It will help the marketers get to the depth of the campaigns, ads & of course the audience to result in a required web activities such as form fill up.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Pixel-

  1. Login to campaign manager in LinkedIn & click on conversion tracking seen at the top of the screen

  2. Enter your website or URL you need to create the pixel, placing high-level domains is good because it will track conversions from your sub-domain also

  3. Your pixel code will be generated, copy & paste the code onto every page of your website

  4. Select all the conversions that you want to track: report downloads, audience visiting thank you page & follow them all in a single conversion

Benefits Of Tracking Conversions On LinkedIn –

  • Change or modify your budget by performing ads

  • Allocation of conversion values

  • Maintain & get correct number of your returns on your advertising budget

  • You can easily check & analyze your campaigns regularly

Be informed to know that LinkedIn ads have amazing capacity in generating leads for B2B marketers. LinkedIn lead generation is easy now & if you are yet to start doing it; it is the time to do it!

Happy Tracking!

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