Why Google Analytics On WordPress Blog / Website Is Important

First things first!

If you want to make your own blog or have a WordPress blog website & want to track your visitors & other engagement aspects, you need to integrate Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic easily.

Yes, Google Analytics is a free tool from the house of the Google which is used for website statistics of various types & analytics.

While its free version is good for small websites, you need to subscribe to its premium version if you are a large e-commerce website or generally a large website to track.

Why Google Analytics Is Important?

  • Google Analytics assists you to check the total number of visitors visited on your blog every day, week, month & year. It can also let you compare traffic with a previous year or month & based on results; you can go ahead to draft your strategies to attract more visitors.

  • What’s more, Google Analytics also aids you in understanding your customer behaviour.

  • You can know what people are doing on your website, which posts are generating more leads, how much they are at a particular page & which is the most visited post on your WordPress blog website & much more similar information.

  • It also provides vital information such as the website visitors sources such as how many visitors are visiting organically and how many people landed on your site from websites where your blog is listed.

So, if you are blogging with WordPress, integrating of the Google Analytics is important to let you analyze your blog’s performance as far as visitors, their behaviour & much more similar aspects are concerned.

If you still don’t have it, get to the Google Analytics today!

Are You Ready To Invest More On Online Advertising ?

Online advertising investment


Times are changing, businesses are changing the way they operate & there is a complete shift in the process of online marketing strategies and much more.

In the midst of all these, there is a logical question that comes to the mind of users as well as marketers – is it the time to go for online advertising or there is still time to consider this decision?

With digital marketing making a huge impact the way businesses function these days, there has been a rise in the number of marketers doing online advertising.

However, there are still some brands that run away from online advertising majorly because they

  • They don’t understand the process & how it works

  • They think there is a little ROI

If you have similar concerns, don’t worry, let us help you with some quick tips.

How It Works

Online advertising has different forms that you can opt for depending upon your business needs. There are display or banners ads, created for websites, applications, within content, email & other related types via wireless networks or the internet.

Email Marketing – Newsletters are used as a medium to promote or sell a product to customers who have subscribed to receive commercial messages from a brand.

Mobile Advertising – Disbursing advertising or promotional messages via wireless networks are done.

Search Engine Marketing – Pay Per Click (PPC), or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are adopted with the process of attracting traffic or enhance visibility on search engines such as Google.

Social Networking – Social networking aids in facilitating relationship creation or bonding & customer

Return On Investment

When it comes to online advertising, a brand must set their measurements of success. If they are on Twitter or Facebook, what are their parameters of success? How many followers are there or fans? What interactions are carried out?

Once these parameters are set, it can be analyzed, tracked, measured & fine turned.

You just got lucky; brands like us are always available to help you achieve the best results possible.

All the best!

Tips For Better Website Conversions

Website conversions tips


First things first!

Are your websites unable to get good website traffic? Let’s quickly provide you some tips that will help you out!

Announce That You Are Available To Help

Nowadays, keeping a close bond with customers is required to drive more website traffic & get more conversions. So, why don’t you go ahead & live chat with your end-users? It may help you get to know more about customers’ requirements & making them feel special. Attending to a customer call eventually help you pocket a ‘sale’ quickly!

Inform Your Customers Via Videos

The video is one of the easiest methods to inform your users about a particular service or product. However, many websites are already auto-playing their video or doing it as a pop-up & it may irritate the users & reduce your traffic. So try to keep a balance & decide how much is too much.

Provide Offers For ‘Call To Action’

Providing appealing offer for people looking for new products or services could be a great thing because it may entice them to click-through & discover purchase options. Rather than a simple ‘shop’ button, a small sentence will lure a higher click-through rate.

Let Them Reach You To Reach Places

Don’t make ‘contact us’ process for your business a complex one. Let customers contact you quickly over a phone call, chat, email & express. Further, you may also send direct newsletters or emails to customers to make them feel special’.

Remember people like feeling special’, so why not give them what they want!

Keep Mobile Users Glued To Your Business

With many users already using their Smartphones, it will be a very good idea to optimize your website for the mobile audience to get the targeted traffic.

Take full advantage of these tips to drive website traffic to your website & enhance conversions. Also, if someone is looking for – how to increase website traffic, you can recommend this piece of information!

How to Make Your Integrated Campaigns Work

Integrated campaigns tips


Did you know about an integrated marketing campaign?

It is a type of campaign where numerous channels come together to deliver a particular message related to your business.

Frankly speaking, for the brands to be successful, they must create campaigns to cross multiple divisions. If you are set to roll out your digital marketing campaign, take a little pause & try to follow some plans to make it even more rewarding.

Always Know Your Target Audience

You should know that unless you know your audience, it will be very difficult map the integrated marketing campaign. It is vital to know the relevant demographics to your business needs & pay attention to their attitude & interests & one of the best ways to initiate it would be to create buyer persona.

It will help you to figure out your real customers & accordingly, you can start your activity. Also, make it a point to interact more with customers to build a bonding that you can use to create a business campaign to lure them further.

Go Social

91% of the companies now own at least two or more social media channels to not only connect to their customers but even roll out various campaigns. It is vital as many people are online at a time searching for a particular service on a social platform & if they find your campaign interesting, you may get more sales & engagements.

Attract Users On Mobile

Many users are available on their Smartphones & if your integrated marketing campaign is compatible on their mobile screens, there are chances that you may get more traffics & sales.

Thus, before you decide to initiate the digital marketing campaign, try to blend these points to drive more out of your integrated marketing campaign & stay ahead in the competition.

Make Headway From Desktop Marketing To Mobile Marketing Now!

Switch to mobile marketing for better business benefits


Mobile marketing is on the rise & this is significant to the fact that numerous users are switching to their mobile screens while shopping, browsing & much more.

Thus, what should be the next move you have an online business? Yes, that would be only paving the way for mobile marketing from the conventional desktop marketing.

Let’s discuss some points that will prove that the recent mobile advertising trends are a testimony of the coming times that mobile marketing is here to stay!

Now Mobile Websites/Apps Are A Must For Business Growth

If you have a business & yet to have a mobile website or app, you are bound to not only lose out on patrons but even conversions ratio. It happens because more than 60% of the customers have already moved their business base to mobile & are striving to do their mobile marketing work as the competition gets fierce.

Get Your Business On Mobile The Faster The Better

Progressive mobile technology is enabling more companies to strictly move their brands to mobile platforms to tap the increasing number of customers. Take the case of Myntra, an e-commerce company which is not accessible only through its mobile app.

Similarly, starting with e-commerce companies, more similar segmented brands & even diverse ones would also be going ‘mobile’ shortly for sure.

Don’t Just Have Apps, Create Websites Optimized For Mobile Screens First

There are some businesses only focus on app creation but even then they unable to gain customers & conversions because with lots of similar apps already available for free on Android & other platforms, users pay little or less attention to its download.

The competition is more aggressive on app platform & unless you are famous, it won’t help you to just to think it to work for you.

However, if users access your websites on a browser on their Smartphones & if your website is optimized for mobile screens, then the probability of users spending more time on a page or purchasing products/services rises.

So, try to analyze these aspects of mobile advertising/mobile marketing to help your brands make the most of the rising mobile penetration euphoria among users.