Lagging Vendors Near the “Point of No Return” for Digital Advertising

Digital advertising


We live in an era of digital advertising & this era is already seeing a massive growth in the world of technology. These days, many users are using their Smartphones rather than desktop.

You will be surprised to know that around 85% of the end-users have already given up visiting physical stores & doing their various activities online & through e-commerce websites.

Business owners are also not far to tap the changing behaviour of users. They are investing more on email campaign & optimizing their high converting landing pages to gain more customers.

What’s more, digital marketers are also leaving no stone unturned to turn the tide of the time in their favour by investing more in digital media & sales which have become the latest development.

Also, more companies are also rising from being just socially present to involving more email sales plans to get more out of less.

Yes, there are still many industries to understand the significance of how digital sales work.

The solution will be to change to situations accordingly, and many companies are already working with digital marketing professionals to gain more business exposure.

Buyers are becoming more powerful as they are aware of what is trending online & the options available.

Thus, to get more business benefits, you need to switch to what is better for your business by understanding your audience, your business needs & making significant changes in a flash.

How Voice Search Can Affect SEO ?

Voice search affects SEO services


Some people don’t have time to type a keyword on a search engine & make their searches with their voice. So the question that arises is, can voice search affect SEO Marketing & more related aspects?

Let’s dig deeper because various terms from time to time do affect the methodologies of the internet marketing!

In some ways or other, voice search is negatively affecting the potential SEO results:

Death Of Keywords

Yes, there is no proper set of keywords that people are searching on a search engine with their voices & it is diminishing the power of keywords. Voice search is enhancing the context-based searches & results, which denotes that keyword research efforts are going down the drain.

Unpredictable Search Behaviours

When people are made to type keywords into a search bar, it becomes easier to predict search behaviours, not anymore, with voice search; users are searching even more frequently, & in a manner less predictable.

Fewer Screen Engagements

With users able to conduct searches & getting answers without looking their screens, the value of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) entries is declining slowly but steadily.

However, the bright side is that voice search is helping the local relevance to growing. It is important to note since a voice search is conducted on the go, so it’s possible that hyper-local optimization & local SEO Marketing will grow.

As a webmaster, it is your duty to keep a tab on what’s trending on Google & adapt your website accordingly to survive & make profits.

Recent Trends To Be Aware Of In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing recent trends


Digital marketing is fast evolving & fast changing! Yes, if you won’t keep track of the changes happening, you won’t be able to give your business its benefits.

So, why not go ahead & see some latest digital marketing trends taking the internet by the storm!

Customer Experience Matters A Lot

Picture this! You have many regular visitors for your business presence for whom you created a ‘customized email’ containing a special deal & delivered it on the weekend, but nothing happened! The users did open your email but did not go to buy your products or services!

What could be the reasons? Just delivering a special email deal is enough to assume that you have hit the jackpot!

Yes, it’s all about the experience that you provide as the capability to engage a user with an enticing content & timing throughout user’s entire journey can’t be created in a short span of time.

Thus, it is a must optimize your customer experience to fetch attention & conversions.

Do Multichannel Marketing

Take your customers to various content mediums to build authority gradually. Yes, help your users glide from one marketing channel to another & engage them accordingly.

For example, creating a full-fledged content cycle for a particular product or services will be a great thing to do to keep your users hooked.

Publish blog posts, share them on social media platforms, create a short video, an Infographic, a slide show, a campaign to engage customers & don’t let them abandon you easily.

Augmented Reality

Yes, Pokémon Go proved that people are already ready for augmented reality & next year many more brands will come out with even more improved AR based applications & products.

Also, VR technology is yet to be fully utilized & since it has a greater marketing potential, it will also enhance storytelling & take users even closer to experiences never seen before!

If you have your vision set to embark on an awesome digital marketing journey, you must implement these current trends in digital marketing to succeed.

For all relevant digital marketing information, stay tuned to this space for more stories!

Tips To Maximize Content ROI

Content ROI maximization is easy


Did you know that social media platforms are abuzz with questions & tips about content marketing? How do you plan & execute your content strategy & what content forms should be created? How do you measure content marketing success?

Don’t stress, let’s provide you some quick content marketing tips to maximize the ROI!

Always Make Sure To Think Out Of The Box

Make it a point always to create engaging content & use as many formats as you can to see what appeals & excites your audience. It is vital as people are different from one another in many ways & they respond to a particular content better than others & vice versa. 00087

Keep It Catchy Yet Keep It Simple

It is important to note that people are already overworked these days & nobody has the time to read a boring stuff. Thus, given them what they need & that all can understand.

You may write a very high-level content but not grasping enough to your end-users? What would be the result? It would serve no purpose for which it was created.

Create A Plan & Stay Loyal To It

Once you have put in all the efforts to draft a content marketing strategy, it would be great to stick to your content feeding/posting plan on a daily basis & keep track of the progress.

Many business owners just create a content strategy for the sake of it, but they don’t work on it daily & hence there is no ROI (Return On Investment).

Create a content creation schedule, follow it daily & see results for yourself very soon.

Thus, stick to these effective yet simple to implement content marketing strategies & see your brand go a sea of change.

If you want to take some assistance in the creation of your content plan, one of the best content marketing companies is here to help you!

Today’s Digital Buyers

Digital buyers


Let’s talk about today’s buyers a bit!

Today’s buyers are well-informed, have less time as they are very much involved in their own lives to go to a physical shop to purchase products or subscribe to a service as they live life on the go.

Thus, in such a world where it is quite difficult to attract customers, engaging them to your website is even hard.

In the same context, let’s help you with some tools to keep today’s digital buyers hooked to your products & services.

Ensure You Have An Online Presence

If you have a business & yet not have a business website, you are losing on visitors that may be making a purchase!

So, what is the recommendation? It is recommended to move to a business website the sooner, the better & promote your products/services on social media platforms as a part of your digital marketing campaign.

Get To A Mobile Website/App

More & more visitors browse the web on their Smartphones & if you have a mobile website or app, it will be easier for you to engage them & turn them into potential buyers as a large chunk of the audience is available on mobile platforms vying for your attention.

Catch More Visitors On Social Media

People love to stay on social media platforms for fun, business & other activities & if you promote your business pages, products & services on social platforms, you are bound to get more user engagements in a flash.

Thus, don’t do anything, just adopt these changes & see your business get an instant fame. If you plan to take the services of a digital marketing company in India, you are at the right place to kick off!

New Trends In E-Commerce

New ecommerce trends


Have an E-Commerce website that you have just launched & would like to make killing business profits?

Business owners need to know that while building an ecommerce website is easy; maintaining it with quick updates is difficult as there are always recent trends in ecommerce that you need to tap to stay up in your game.

Thus, in the same context, let’s roll out some vital ecommerce trends that are bound to affect your website.

Watch Mobile Behaviour & Engagement

Ecommerce driven mobile revenue is set to skyrocket by at least 50% by the end of 2017 according to many industry watch dogs.

You may also see a complete revamp in the business models with some organizations phasing out desktop websites & pave the way for mobile websites or apps to engage & large chunk of the audience.

It is recommended to all business owners that they start planning a mobile website or app the sooner the better.

Real Time Customer Service Is Set To Go Up

A quickly serviced or engaged customer is a happy customer! You might be missing out on a potential sale because your customer service is lagging & not be fully responsive in the real time, irritating the customer & making you loose on sales.

Thus, it is recommended to serve your customers in real time with answering their questions via a live chat, sending newsletters, post original & engaging content to draw attention to your brand & more.

Thus, implement these ecommerce trends as soon as possible to drive more out of our websites & also keep glued to this space as we bring you more trends as & when they are ‘live’.

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Is Digital Marketing An Inessential Phrase Today?

Digital marketing is crucial today


Digital Marketing is the newest marketing type to rise & catch frenzy of people sooner than expected. In other words, digital marketing is indeed an essential phrase today & part of online marketing strategies.

Business having physical presences are already switching online & making the most of the digital marketing to reach out to more audience, drive more traffic & initiate conversions.

Let’s list out some of the latest in digital marketing trends to help you get more benefits.

Make Sure You Have A Mobile Website

More than 75% of the internet communication is via mobile devices & you should also make the most of the engagements with a mobile website or app or a website optimized for the mobile screens.

Did you know doing this will not only help you drive more traffic but even aid in gaining more footfalls & engagements?

Local Search Forms An Important Part To Succeed For Local Business

Have a local business to promote online? You need to focus on what searches are conducted by users when it comes to local items in your geographical areas. Based on these findings, you can know where to engage customers & with what!

Do Email Marketing

Email still forms one of the major aspects of the digital marketing especially for small business & you must do it. Sending newsletters & emailers to your targeted audience is surely going to help you in traffic, engagements & of course the conversions.

It would also be suggested to send emails that are optimized for mobile screens to gain more exposure & email opening ratio.

Indulge In Social Media Engagements

Be active on social media platforms & inform your audience via posts about your products or services to get more eyeballs & develop a bond with them gradually.

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest & more platforms to get more user engagements & outreach.

Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Podcast On Social Media

Drive traffic to your podcast on social media


Heard about podcasts? It’s a new social media promotion tool that everyone is going gaga over!

Yes, with the passage of the time, the number of people listening to podcasts has increased, and as a result, many companies are already investing in podcasts to attract more eyeballs or shall we say ‘ear balls’.

Yes, since a podcast channel is an awesome way to build up our network & as it helps in enhancing credibility & visibility for the targeted industry you deal in, it is important to promote your podcast channels & episodes.

Let’s quickly provide you with some handy tips to do it easily.

Social Media Promotion

Promoting your podcast on social media platforms is an easy tool to drive traffic to your website. All that you need to know is where to start, create a schedule & vouch for it. It is vital to do as people are connected on social media platforms almost every time & podcasting will be an instant hit.

Episode Updates

Once a new update is made on a podcast, it is vital to carefully yet effectively promote the episode update all across such as your social feeds. This will let your end-users know about a new content available & will help in the user engagement.

Tease your Audience

It is also a good thing to stimulate your users with a short teaser of an upcoming episode. It will create enough buzz among them to wait for the episodes to be finally uploaded & will give you nice traffic.


Once you come to know about that an episode is a hit, just reshare it time to engage your end-users & drive more traffic to the website. It is vital as popular episodes are bound to get you more visitors as the news spread.

Don’t wait, go ahead & implement these crucial tips to make your podcasts drive more traffic to your website.

If you look to promote business through social media or looking for a social media promotion company, you have just landed at the right place to get started.

Simple Steps To Drive B2B Data Driven Decisions

Simple b2b data driven decisions


With data emerging as one of the most inseparable parts of today’s life, it becomes a must to drive strategies to bring out the best in your business, especially if you have a b2b website to cater to.

In the context of the same, let’s quickly shed some light on some simple tips to help you drive b2b data driven decisions as they form a vital part of the b2b database marketing.


Competition is looming large & you need to collect data on your customers & prospects, or it will be hard to cope with your business segmented rivals.

By collecting, it means that you must be collecting data on these parameters

When & how many visitors are paying you a visit on your website pages?

What business or services pages are turning them into leads for conversions?

Are end-users able to find what they come for?

How far is their engagement level going up?

Are there visitors on your mobile website or app?

The answers to these questions should constitute your next move to help your b2b website reach out to more people & drive out best as far as engagements & profits are concerned.


Make sure that the data that you are collecting is only doing using the verified methods. You need to team up your analyst department to do this for you.


Once data is collected & verified, then the need to analyze it on grounds or parameters that you have collected them for comes. For example, once you know what pages are converting more leads, you need to focus on creating various aspects to promote that page to get more results.


Adaption to changes (to changes you noticed in your data collection) is a must & you must include all changes as your part of your b2b database marketing strategies to help you grow awesomely over the time – yes, nothing happens in a day & you need to have the patience to oversee results in the future.

Don’t let your b2b website stay alien to changes happening all around, make changes & switches accordingly & see your business become hugely successful.

Digital Marketing Lessons That You Can Apply In Your Business

Digital marketing lessons for business


Have a business? Would you like it to take to the next level of excellence? You just need to apply a few digital marketing lessons or tips as part of your online marketing strategies for your business to get an instant fame.

For the same, let’s guide you through some vital digital marketing lessons instead of the in-depth digital marketing courses that you must incorporate.

Mobile First

With Smartphones becoming the next destination for people to indulge in online, your website presence must go mobile, or its mobile optimization is a must consume a large chunk of customers.

This will surely help you not only escalate your growth gradually, but even aid in surviving in the competition stricken industry as mobile marketing growth is pegged to be high & is expected to go past desktop access.

Content Is King

Traditional advertising has paved the way for content marketing & content drives the marketing paradigm & must be given a priority.

The rule is simple – if there is no worth reading content on your website, then it’s better that you don’t complain as to why people are still not thronging it despite all your efforts!

So make sure you have engaging content on your website to make your end-users take a note!

Video Marketing

Sometimes people are in a rush & may not read your well-drafted product page content, what will you then? Simply put a video for them to look at & engage them faster!

Yes, video marketing has evolved & more & more business owners are incorporating video content on their web pages for more traffic.

You can also post short videos (about 30 seconds) on social media websites such as Instagram & Twitter to keep your visitors hooked to your business.

That Midas Touch

Everyone likes that personal Midas touch & this is no exception in the field of digital marketing. For example, you can directly offer a special deal to a customer who has been a patronage for a long time to make him/her feel special.

It may help in consumer retention & grow your audience base.

So don’t wait & let your business suffer in today’s evolving digital era – instead implement these digital marketing lessons as part of your online marketing strategies & get going.

Further, a digital marketing agency for small business will come handy if you go through the list of digital marketing companies in Pune.