How To Track Conversions Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place that every digital marketer should have a presence because LinkedIn marketing & networking can go a long way to establish a successful business relationship with various domains & people.

Now the moment has arrived which every B2B advertiser has been waiting for – Yes, LinkedIn recently announced conversion tracking for text ads & sponsored content.

It will help the marketers get to the depth of the campaigns, ads & of course the audience to result in a required web activities such as form fill up.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Pixel-

  1. Login to campaign manager in LinkedIn & click on conversion tracking seen at the top of the screen

  2. Enter your website or URL you need to create the pixel, placing high-level domains is good because it will track conversions from your sub-domain also

  3. Your pixel code will be generated, copy & paste the code onto every page of your website

  4. Select all the conversions that you want to track: report downloads, audience visiting thank you page & follow them all in a single conversion

Benefits Of Tracking Conversions On LinkedIn –

  • Change or modify your budget by performing ads

  • Allocation of conversion values

  • Maintain & get correct number of your returns on your advertising budget

  • You can easily check & analyze your campaigns regularly

Be informed to know that LinkedIn ads have amazing capacity in generating leads for B2B marketers. LinkedIn lead generation is easy now & if you are yet to start doing it; it is the time to do it!

Happy Tracking!

Blending Of Offline & Online reach of digital content

Marketing your business is all about identifying, focusing on & utilizing the behaviour of your target audience. If you don’t give what your customers demand, your business presence is bound to cease with time.

While it’s a good strategy to engage users & get leads by incorporating various digital & online reach plans or activities, it is also important to use offline content marketing strategy to get more out of less.

In other words, a perfect blend of online & offline marketing strategies is vital to succeed in today’s time.

Let’s discuss some vital points concerning the same.

Bring Offline Events Online

An offline events based marketing strategy can take many forms. They include parties, fundraisers, seminars, workshops, open houses & more. These events centre on launching a new product, networking or celebrating an anniversary or community building.

So, if you have some offline events lined up, bring it online by promoting & announcing it via social media platforms or email marketing.

These platforms can help you in creating the right buzz for your offline events & knowing the number of people going can encourage more people to join.

Once the event is live, opt for real time marketing to post real time pictures, videos, live videos & more to engage more users online.

Once the event is over, you can create an email, Facebook post or an Infographic on your social pages thanking everyone for attending.

Bring Offline Sales Online

Enhance the reach of your in-store promotions by sharing them online. One of the simplest ways to do it by coming up with a catchy name for your promotion & incorporate a hashtag (#) for Twitter or Instagram or you can even come up with an attractive image & turn it into a visual post.

Other Online To Online Marketing Strategies

  • If a customer had a pleasant experience, ask them to write an online review

  • If you have a memorable experience with a customer, you can go ahead & share it on your blog or newsletters with lesson learned or the takeaways

Some Key Ideas To Bring Your Online Marketing Offline

  • Promote your social media offline – Give business cards, brochures, signs & banners & flyers to your subscribed customers. Announce contests online but giveaways through printed materials

  • Submit To Local Newspapers/Magazine – Reach out to local magazines & newspapers to see if they can publish one of your blog posts. Print media readers are different from digital audience & they are untapped market that you can explore as well

  • Print eBooks – Another method to get your online content offline is by producing it yourself. Yes, you can print eBooks & turn into brochures, pamphlets for quick user experience & feedback

It would be better if you integrate online & offline marketing strategies to help you give the benefits of the world worlds!

Digital Marketers Are One Step Ahead In Marketing Domain Now


Search engine optimization’s concept changes every day & it’s a bitter fact that it’s quite difficult to keep pace with the SEO changes that keeps altering the index pages & crawl.

So, as an internet marketer, if you have plans to see your business at the top, you will be required to make some changes in the optimization.

Let’s have a brief look at some of the related factors that you need to know!

Focus On Mobile Audience

Last year, Smartphone dominated the digital marketing domain & even this year will be no different. It is significant to the fact that more than 60-70% of the users these days are using the internet for various purposes on their Smartphones.

If you are not smart enough to optimize your business for mobile screens, your digital marketing business will lose its sheen quickly.

App Indexing

Gone are the days when you only used to index your website pages. You must index your apps as well because indexed apps show your app to users using the Google Search. Users download many apps, but use only 40% of them & indexing of the apps will help you as an internet marketer to re-engage existing app users.

Create Enticing Content

It’s simple to understand! If your website does not boast of an engaging content or something that does not match your audience’s preferences, it’s of no use! So, try to get content created that’s written not only as per the SEO standards but is also enjoyable & educates your users.

Make sure your content pages have a call to action’ to help the users land on a page that you intended to rank or reach your audience.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Are A Must

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is a project of Google & Twitter designed to make mobile website pages work fast. The AMPs are open source, load fast & is mainly for mobile screens.

Improve Search Rankings

Other than writing engaging content, you must optimize your Meta data & create headlines to improve your rankings. Fill your Meta data with keywords utmost care that can improve your website rankings.

Try to incorporate these essential aspects of the digital marketing business processes to reach more people, generate leads, help in the conversions & ultimately earn profits!

How Can You Make Speed A Core Part Of Your Traffic & Conversion Strategy?

Have an online business website that you think of thriving in today’s competitive world? Other than having a great website design, content & SEO aspects in place, you must ensure that it opens with a lightning speed.

Why? Because people don’t have time these days to wait for your website to load; they will abort your site & go to another. Thus, having a website with fast load time is vital if you want to have website traffic smooth for your brand.

If you have a fast load time, it will help you with conversion rate optimization & with website traffic. So, if you have your eyes on how to increase website traffic, you must ensure that your website loads quickly & super fast.

Let’s discuss some other similar points that you need to consider!

The Website Load Time

As discussed earlier, you need to optimize your site load time for a greater level of customer engagement. Since your website is the identity of your digital business, you need to check for how long customers stick to your website & for that, a speedy website is crucial.

Opt For A Better Host

It’s simple! You just can’t opt for a shared hosting plan if you have an ecommerce website as that will self-destruct your online business. Try to opt for a suitable web hosting option which may suit your website needs.


CDN is useful if you want your website to get distributed to servers situated in different countries. This enables you to serve the fastest version of your website to users who visit it.

Use Less Sign Up Forms

Did you know having too many sign up forms can decrease your website load time? Many business owners don’t give importance to this aspect which you must not ignore & try to have less sign up forms.

Thus, simply try to incorporate these discussed time-tested methods to keep your websites on the fast track & keep getting huge website traffic! All the best!

How To Combine Email and Facebook For An E-Commerce Marketing Campaign?


People have the concept that an email marketing & social media advertising such as a Facebook marketing campaign or an ecommerce marketing campaign are distinctively two separate activities.

However, the fact of the matter is that you can combine these forms to get some amazing results for your business. Let’s discuss!

Email List Can Create Custom Audience On Facebook

If you have a clothing e-commerce website, create individual lists segregating categories & gender & if you are using CRMs such as Mailchimp, Salesforce or Hubspot, spread contacts as CVS files & upload it on Facebook with the help of the Ad Manager under audience’.

If you log in to the business manager account or ads manager, go to the ad account & click on the top-left page corner, the drop-down menu.

If you are unable to see it under the above option, click ‘All Tools’ it will show under the ‘Asset’ section.

Click on ‘create a custom audience’, select the customer file & then opt for ‘choose a copy or file’ & then upload the CSV file on Facebook.

Now, Facebook will then match with the emails with specific Facebook users with 20-25% match rate, but the same will be on the higher side for e-commerce websites.

Email List Can Create Facebook Audiences

A Facebook ad is laced with one of the best features to enable to produce similar audiences from uploaded email lists. Facebook will be the same as the equivalent individual profiles in your email lists with a broader group of people with same profiles depending upon interests, behaviours & demographics.

The more you include more people on the original mailing list; there will be a more similar audience.

Launch Simultaneous Campaigns For Maximum Reach

You can organize a social campaign that targets your specific email list. Increase the allocation to ensure everyone sees your ads at least once when the campaign is live.

An excellent manner by which you can facilitate it is through having a look at the close reach while creating an ad campaign & also ensuring that you have a high budget than the approx range per day are equal to some people on your lists.

By incorporating these ecommerce marketing strategy types, you can easily combine email & Facebook for an ecommerce marketing campaign without many efforts!

Twitter Launches Longer Videos, Vines & New Engagement App


Do you like to post videos on Twitter? There is good news for you all!

Yes, Twitter recently announced that the users will now be able to create & post longer videos which were earlier restricted to just 30 seconds.

Make Longer Twitter Video Now

Yes, with the new announcement, you can now post videos up to 140 seconds & now can enhance the Twitter marketing strategy to target more users.

Twitter looks all set to engage more users with rising competition from other social media platforms such as Instagram (increased their video limit from 15 seconds to 1 minute).

Take Benefits From Vines

What’s more, even Vines have also extended 6 seconds limit to 140 seconds with the option to watch more’. While the new Vines will appear in the old fashion, but when clicked on the ‘watch more’ icon, you will be able to watch a full-length video of 140 seconds.

Engage & Analyze More Users With The Engage App

Twitter has also announced its new Engage app, the new Twitter analytics app which will help its users to monitor & track posts & even the followers about what they are tweeting about!

The app is focused on analytics importance with real time data insights to help know the posts’ performance, high & low performing tweets, followers & more details.

Marketers Benefits

  • They can now exhibit their creativity in creating longer videos to send across their message even more confidently which was a challenge to deliver in 30 seconds.

  • Video views are already gaining popularity on various social media platforms & businesses are already harnessing the medium to streamline their story telling & coerce purchase plan.

  • Marketers can now compete with YouTube, Instagram & Facebook videos which mean that it will open a new spectrum altogether.

  • They can now create their impression to lure followers on a large scale.

So, why don’t you take full benefits of these Twitter announcements & be with great influencers in creating meaningful content as a part of your Twitter marketing strategy to target the right audience & engage them structurally.

Why Google Analytics On WordPress Blog / Website Is Important

First things first!

If you want to make your own blog or have a WordPress blog website & want to track your visitors & other engagement aspects, you need to integrate Google Analytics to analyze your website traffic easily.

Yes, Google Analytics is a free tool from the house of the Google which is used for website statistics of various types & analytics.

While its free version is good for small websites, you need to subscribe to its premium version if you are a large e-commerce website or generally a large website to track.

Why Google Analytics Is Important?

  • Google Analytics assists you to check the total number of visitors visited on your blog every day, week, month & year. It can also let you compare traffic with a previous year or month & based on results; you can go ahead to draft your strategies to attract more visitors.

  • What’s more, Google Analytics also aids you in understanding your customer behaviour.

  • You can know what people are doing on your website, which posts are generating more leads, how much they are at a particular page & which is the most visited post on your WordPress blog website & much more similar information.

  • It also provides vital information such as the website visitors sources such as how many visitors are visiting organically and how many people landed on your site from websites where your blog is listed.

So, if you are blogging with WordPress, integrating of the Google Analytics is important to let you analyze your blog’s performance as far as visitors, their behaviour & much more similar aspects are concerned.

If you still don’t have it, get to the Google Analytics today!

Evolving Trends In E-Commerce

E-commerce is fast evolving as one of the major industry to churn out a million & have also emerged as a relief to countless people especially in the metro cities with no time to do things (grocery shopping, going to a physical store to get things) on their own.

Thus, for an industry witnessing so much, there are many new & upcoming trends in e-commerce that you can look up to get more relief.

Yes, e-commerce giants such as Flipkart, Amazon & more making new rules in the industry & evolving many trends in e-commerce to please their end-users that you may take a glance at.

  • Quality Products Delivery – E-commerce companies are focusing even more on delivering only the quality products & are striving to decrease duplicate products shipments.

  • Same-Day, Two-Day Shipping/Delivery – E-Commerce companies are already providing the customers with same-day & two-day delivery options to make their online shopping experience even more pleasurable. Services such as Amazon Prime are a perfect example of this rising trend.

  • Shopping Assistance – They are also providing shopping assistance to customers via calls, emails, chat sessions, WhatsApp messages, video chats, live video session & much more. This customization has helped them get even more patronage.

  • More Mobile Apps Based Offers – With more & more customers purchasing goods online on their Smartphones, e-commerce companies are rolling out more offers only available on mobile apps to get more footfalls.

Trends in ecommerce are bound to gather more steam as days pass since more & more customers are opening up to the idea of purchasing products online & saving their time & energy for their loved ones.

Target Your Audience Through Pinterest

First things first!

Have you got plans to get more visibility for your business with the Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

Are you looking to get more pins & boards to get more views?

Then, you have landed at the right place as here some simple yet effective ways to enhance your Pinterest visibility will be discussed. All set? Let’s go!

Understand Who Uses Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 100 million daily active users & if you think your targeted business audience may be available there, you must opt for a Pinterest account for your business. Pinterest analytics will also give you a clear idea of your targeted customer presence.

Be Appealing To Users Preferences

Once you have an account on Pinterest, you must make sure to set only such pins & boards that are appealing to your preferences of the targeted customers. By doing this, your business will stand apart from others & you will get more visibility in lesser time.

Write Only Search Friendly Descriptions

Did you know Pinterest users also use it for search engine usages? Yes, if you can write search friendly descriptions that you think your end-users will be searching for, you will build an authority over them quickly.

Thus, if you want to make a killing on Pinterest, tips are laid out for you to decide as to how to use Pinterest for business & make things effort worthy. Implement these tricks for a quick turnaround of your business benefits on Pinterest! Good Luck!

Whatsapp Launched Video Calling

WhatsApp has recently launched support for the video calling feature to its app. If you are still making paid video call or using other platforms to do so, time is just ripe to change your perspective & opt for WhatsApp video calling app as it provides amazing benefits.

Video Calls Are Encrypted End-To-End

Video calls on WhatsApp are always encrypted end-to-end which means that no one, expect you & the person you want to call can access it. Yes, even WhatsApp don’t have the access.

No More Annoyance

No anonymous caller can annoy you by sending a call request & this is possible as the calls can only be placed to people in your contact list/address book.

Optimized For Slower Networks

Many regions have low-bandwidth internet connectivity & to tackle this prevailing issue, WhatsApp has optimized its video call for slower networks.

No Need For Other Video Calling App

Once you have installed the WhatsApp video calling app, you don’t need any other video call app as WhatsApp is one of the largest apps with the largest active users’ base. So, don’t worry, make video calling free!

Works On iPhone & Android Platforms Fine

When compared to FaceTime, WhatsApp video calling is enabled to work on iOS & Android platforms seamlessly.

So, if you are looking to make video call free to your loved ones anywhere on the Earth free, simply download the WhatsApp video calling app & switch to a better technology to reap its great benefits.