Snapchat Starts To Follow Facebook Footsteps Of Styling Ad Targeting

Snapchat follows Facebook ads styles


It’s not a bad thing to follow someone who has done something bigger & better inspiration can always be drawn & accordingly changes could be made so that it brings profits for your business or anything else that you think.

While talking about changes, Snapchat has started to follow Facebook Ads by announcing new & powerful ad targeting features.

Let’s quickly know some features of this Facebook AD targeting by Snapchat.

  • Snapchat will enable a business to position their ads in the daily mobile audience of more than 150 million. It will depend on user’s advertising identifiers & email addresses attached to their phones.

  • Advertisers will now be enabled to target content based audience ads such as music, entertainments, technology, sports & more.

  • Three categories have been launched which are Snapchat lifestyle, Lookalikes & Snap Audience match categories.

  • If you don’t want unwanted ads on Snapchat to pop up, it is planning to come up with something which will remove or block those ads from irritating users.

Be informed to know that these features are not something that’s new in the market as Snapchat is unable to provide anything original on its own as is just following Facebook Ads methodology or Facebook Ad targeting as these trends are initiated by Facebook.

However, with some unique ad formats such as sponsored video lenses & vertical video ads, Snapchat has made its presence felt amongst users & industry watchers.

Tips For Better Website Conversions

Website conversions tips


First things first!

Are your websites unable to get good website traffic? Let’s quickly provide you some tips that will help you out!

Announce That You Are Available To Help

Nowadays, keeping a close bond with customers is required to drive more website traffic & get more conversions. So, why don’t you go ahead & live chat with your end-users? It may help you get to know more about customers’ requirements & making them feel special. Attending to a customer call eventually help you pocket a ‘sale’ quickly!

Inform Your Customers Via Videos

The video is one of the easiest methods to inform your users about a particular service or product. However, many websites are already auto-playing their video or doing it as a pop-up & it may irritate the users & reduce your traffic. So try to keep a balance & decide how much is too much.

Provide Offers For ‘Call To Action’

Providing appealing offer for people looking for new products or services could be a great thing because it may entice them to click-through & discover purchase options. Rather than a simple ‘shop’ button, a small sentence will lure a higher click-through rate.

Let Them Reach You To Reach Places

Don’t make ‘contact us’ process for your business a complex one. Let customers contact you quickly over a phone call, chat, email & express. Further, you may also send direct newsletters or emails to customers to make them feel special’.

Remember people like feeling special’, so why not give them what they want!

Keep Mobile Users Glued To Your Business

With many users already using their Smartphones, it will be a very good idea to optimize your website for the mobile audience to get the targeted traffic.

Take full advantage of these tips to drive website traffic to your website & enhance conversions. Also, if someone is looking for – how to increase website traffic, you can recommend this piece of information!

How to Make Your Integrated Campaigns Work

Integrated campaigns tips


Did you know about an integrated marketing campaign?

It is a type of campaign where numerous channels come together to deliver a particular message related to your business.

Frankly speaking, for the brands to be successful, they must create campaigns to cross multiple divisions. If you are set to roll out your digital marketing campaign, take a little pause & try to follow some plans to make it even more rewarding.

Always Know Your Target Audience

You should know that unless you know your audience, it will be very difficult map the integrated marketing campaign. It is vital to know the relevant demographics to your business needs & pay attention to their attitude & interests & one of the best ways to initiate it would be to create buyer persona.

It will help you to figure out your real customers & accordingly, you can start your activity. Also, make it a point to interact more with customers to build a bonding that you can use to create a business campaign to lure them further.

Go Social

91% of the companies now own at least two or more social media channels to not only connect to their customers but even roll out various campaigns. It is vital as many people are online at a time searching for a particular service on a social platform & if they find your campaign interesting, you may get more sales & engagements.

Attract Users On Mobile

Many users are available on their Smartphones & if your integrated marketing campaign is compatible on their mobile screens, there are chances that you may get more traffics & sales.

Thus, before you decide to initiate the digital marketing campaign, try to blend these points to drive more out of your integrated marketing campaign & stay ahead in the competition.

Small Businesses Can Continue To Thrive In The Facebook Newsfeed

Small businesses can thrive Facebook feed


Yes, small businesses can continue to thrive in the Facebook newsfeed because for small businesses, time is here to play smart & stay up in the game.

It is significant because costs will always increase & brands with better funds to roll out will be moving their way ahead in the newsfeed, leaving small businesses out.

Still, small businesses have a clear advantage – staying agile & nimble! Yes, successful campaigning in the newsfeed needs instant decision-making & quick responses to customers’ responses – small business continue to have that benefit!

Some Survival Tips For Small Businesses

Be Clear

It is vital to align your business objective with your campaign. You need to know where you are headed. Are you generating leads or building awareness or driving actual sales?

Test Before You Scale

This is not a complex trick, since media is a costly affair, why don’t you test, test & keep testing to get the creative correct!

Target More

Narrowing your audience too soon may raise your media costs, so it is crucial to first target a large spectrum of audience & once you are sure about your creative, go ahead to narrow the focus.

Opt For Various Formats

Be informed to know that mixing videos with statics carousels can help you make a difference.

Focus On Ad Quality

It is a no-brainer! You must concentrate on your quality of Facebook ads to keep up your campaigns & get a good performance to help your business get more leverage.

Facebook will continue to prohibit its newsfeed inventory & business is no longer as usual. Small or large Facebook marketing professionals need to value their jobs & take note of trends daily & urgently.

New Trends Of YouTube Video Optimization

YouTube video optimization trends


We often hear over-optimistic statements ‘This video is going to generate a lot of views’.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms, with more than 100 hours of content uploaded every now & then, so it may be fair to say that amongst so much of content, there’s a very minute chance for your video to get views than expected.

It is vital as YouTube promotion is one aspect that’s everyone is looking up to surge ahead in the competition.

Having said that, although getting a high video view is doubtful, it’s still not impossible as long as you have the right plan & optimize your video with some tips.

Make Sure The Video Content Is Powerful

Yes, you must admit that creating content is a vital factor to successfully optimizing your videos & without that it won’t be possible to stand a chance to steal a view.

Thus, if you have plans to make it count over YouTube, make sure you have an engaging video content to attract more eyeballs.

Titles, Tags & Captions

It is another YouTube promotion factor that many business owners are not giving enough concerns. Yes, you need to provide proper titles & tags to your videos to make it searchable in the search results.

Also, make it a point to give correct credits if you have taken references from somewhere else for your video. Remember, it is essential to give & take credits according to terms of the search engines.

Another key component of optimizing your video is by uploading closed caption files. Also, if you upload transcribed videos, you are bound to get a higher rank.

Call To Action

Why was your video created & to serve what purpose is important! As a result, make it a point to give a properly cited call to action to take visitors to a page you wanted to. Not doing this will nullify your whole idea of the video creation.

Don’t wait, try keeping these YouTube Video Promotion ideas handy to help it optimizes for benefits.

Various Ways To Publish Social Media Updates

 Post social media updates using various methods


You must have updated the social media content on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter & more, right?

However, not all are experts to do it correctly! Let’s go ahead & give out some quick ways to help you publish your social media updates to help your business reap great benefits out of it.

Post Blog Updates

One of the best methods to publish a social media update is to publish your blog post. Yes, you must note that if you have a blog, you must post its updates on social media to let your users know about your updates on your website/blog. Doing this will also increase your customer engagements by a large margin.

Run A Campaign

Have an offer/deal that you think must be known to world? Design a social media campaign involving this & see your products/services seeing a greater turnaround.

When it comes to the best social media management tools, running a campaign forms a vital part of the marketing strategies.

What’s more, with social media analytics in place, you can always check the progress of posting updates on social media & make changes accordingly to gain more exposure.

If you are running a campaign on Twitter, make full use of the Hashtags (#) to attract more eyeballs on Twitter.

Post Event Based Updates

Yes, event based social media content updates are becoming the order of the day as more & more organizations are doing it to gain exposure on a specific day.

Posting an image based wish update for any event specific to a region may not only give you quick recognition over others but may even showcase that your brand is focused on festivals & events of the area & you value them.

Doing this will help you lap up more customer engagements & also, a sense of positivism will also add up on your social brand presence.

Thus, try to incorporate these simple yet effective social media management tips & get more out of your social engagements.

If you are looking for a social media marketing company to help you get started, click here!

Turn GIFs into an Awesome Marketing Tool

GIFs works as a great marketing tool


Heard about GIFs or ‘Graphics Interchange Format’? It is fast emerging as of the better online marketing tools that could be used today to enhance a business presence!

Don’t believe us? Let’s quickly show you how you can convert GIFs into one of the great digital marketing tools!

For Products Showcase

While adding product images on product page & image addition on social media platforms is still an indispensable part of the marketing strategy, you can also go ahead & make full use of the GIFs for showcasing products.

Yes, with a GIF, you can showcase all products/services within one image & which will also provide a totally ‘wow’ effect to your users, save their time & also grabs immediate attention.

For Spicing Up Your Homepage

Want to revamp your homepage? Do nothing, simply put a GIF on your homepage & see amazing changes in terms of user engagements & beyond.

You don’t have to have a boring a homepage with some texts here & there; instead, tweak your homepage design a bit by incorporating some animation to do the trick.

Scores of web designers are already doing this to make their homepage have an enchanting effect on their users? What’s stopping you from doing the same? Adapt to the tide of changes occurring & go for GIFs.

What’s more, to create GIFs, you can also go ahead & use GIF apps easily.

You will be amazed to know that the emergence of videos & animated images has helped social media platforms to enable this function & enable digital marketers to make full use of it.

Twitter & Instagram already announced the update last year, would it be good to keep away from GIFs & don’t let the engagements happen? No right? Turn to GIFs today, then!

Social Media Images Are Dominating

Create strong social media images


Do you like posting images on Instagram? Why do you like it? Ask yourself!

You will have to admit that we all are living in the age of ‘camera in everyone’s pocket’ & with more than 3 billion camera phones in use & counting, we are into a dynamic time around image creation & content.

The Rise Of The Age Of The Visual Culture

Yes, the rise of an image centric social media platform such as Instagram could be labeled as the classic example of the time we are living in an age of visual culture. People are posting social media marketing images on Instagram & getting fame & much more.

Thus, in the context of the same, let’s quickly list out as to why images are a must in today’s fast changing social media advertising sphere.

If you have an online business presence, you roll out press releases, or even if you have a simple Facebook page centric to your business, then you must publish some photos & images as part of your social media advertising tactics.

  • You must know that content with images get around 95% more total views than without images

  • Have a press release to reach out to the mass? Do nothing, include an image!

  • More than 60% of the end-users are more likely to contact/consider a business when an image displays in the local search results

  • While shopping on an eCommerce website, shoppers (67%) are very particular about the quality of the product’s image while deciding whether to go for it or abandon the shopping cart

  • In an online store, customers think that image & its quality holds more value when compared to product-centric information (63%), a long description (54%) & ratings & reviews & other aspects (53%)

  • Facebook posts with photos have 0.37% & without image posts have 0.27% engagement rates

Thus, as you know that a picture is worth a thousand words, incorporate it as part of your social media advertising campaigns to win & retain more customers or end-users.

Make Headway From Desktop Marketing To Mobile Marketing Now!

Switch to mobile marketing for better business benefits


Mobile marketing is on the rise & this is significant to the fact that numerous users are switching to their mobile screens while shopping, browsing & much more.

Thus, what should be the next move you have an online business? Yes, that would be only paving the way for mobile marketing from the conventional desktop marketing.

Let’s discuss some points that will prove that the recent mobile advertising trends are a testimony of the coming times that mobile marketing is here to stay!

Now Mobile Websites/Apps Are A Must For Business Growth

If you have a business & yet to have a mobile website or app, you are bound to not only lose out on patrons but even conversions ratio. It happens because more than 60% of the customers have already moved their business base to mobile & are striving to do their mobile marketing work as the competition gets fierce.

Get Your Business On Mobile The Faster The Better

Progressive mobile technology is enabling more companies to strictly move their brands to mobile platforms to tap the increasing number of customers. Take the case of Myntra, an e-commerce company which is not accessible only through its mobile app.

Similarly, starting with e-commerce companies, more similar segmented brands & even diverse ones would also be going ‘mobile’ shortly for sure.

Don’t Just Have Apps, Create Websites Optimized For Mobile Screens First

There are some businesses only focus on app creation but even then they unable to gain customers & conversions because with lots of similar apps already available for free on Android & other platforms, users pay little or less attention to its download.

The competition is more aggressive on app platform & unless you are famous, it won’t help you to just to think it to work for you.

However, if users access your websites on a browser on their Smartphones & if your website is optimized for mobile screens, then the probability of users spending more time on a page or purchasing products/services rises.

So, try to analyze these aspects of mobile advertising/mobile marketing to help your brands make the most of the rising mobile penetration euphoria among users.