How To Index Your Website On Google


Index website on Google


Congratulations on your plan to create a website as it is essential in today’s time to help your business reach greater heights. While launching a free Google website is tough, getting it recognized is even tougher.

Yes, when you first start out & since your website is completely unknown as you don’t have any inbound links & of course you are not visible on a search engine such as Google.

While there are different ways you can index website on Google, let’s quickly give out some tricks to help you index website on all search engines!

  • Submit Your Website URL To Google

This is a no-brainer at all but it must be the first thing to be done. This is crucial as unless you don’t submit my site search engine, Google won’t index it if it has no idea about it, so submitting your homepage URL is what could be stated as the best place to start.

However, this may not be a quick indexing method, but rest assured, it’s safe & sure that webmasters boast of.

Simply keep adding one URL per domain (usually the homepage), else it may be marked as spam. Not to mention, Crawlers of Google will also find all other pages listed on your website by following internal links.

  • Add An XML Sitemap

Since Google’s crawlers may take some time to index all your website pages, the larger the website, the more time taking it will be, it will be a great idea to add an XML sitemap as this showcases Google all your web pages much ahead of time.

If you have a large eCommerce website, you now know what to do, right? Simply add an XML sitemap & get your website ahead on the road to the Google Website Ranking.

  • Submit An Article

Another trick to get your websites indexed faster is by submitting an article on Digg, Reddit or other social news websites. Yes, your URL is likely to be picked up very quickly by Google.

  • Get Quality Inbound Links

One of the other major tricks will be to get as many quality inbound links from quality & authoritative websites as possible to speed up the indexing procedure.

So, what are you waiting for? Use aforementioned tips & index your website on all search engines! Happy Indexing!

Interactive Media, The New Digital Marketing Trend

Digital marketing trends

With digital media emerging the preferred platform for a broad range of usages such as personal, business, social & more, the digital marketing trends have started to grow to meet the ever growing needs of the high-level demanding customers who have become used to accessing various digital marketing platforms & services & much more right over their Smartphone.

Thus, amongst many digital marketing trends that have fast evolved, interactive media is one of the newest one to rise. Let’s quickly give you an insight into it as you read on.

What Is Interactive Media?

Interactive media could be stated as a combination of conventional print mediums with digital elements or enhanced versions such as graphics, sounds, 3D holograms, electronic texts that enrich a digitized environment.

Yes, bringing print to life & enabling virtual media to build a never before available world is indeed a fantastic marketing & engagement tool.

Interactive Media Is Laced With Great Marketing Benefits

  • Increased ROI

You are bound to get an increase in your customer engagement when you invest in the quality interactive media. Gradually, with interaction becoming addictive & being used by end-users time & again, organizations can see analytical side of the interactive marketing campaigns to draft its success.

  • Brand Recognition & Interaction

Did you know you can also enhance your brand recognition & interaction with interactive media? Yes, with the help of emphasized brand recognition & the loyalty of the customers, you can see your market presence to grow by manifold.

  • Enhanced Marketing Strategies

With customers experiencing significant interactions over your current digital marketing campaigns, you also get to learn, improve & adjust accordingly. It also helps in planning strategies ahead of your competitors as you keep taking benefits of the interactive media & augmented reality.

Thus, if you are looking out to sharpen your digital marketing, simply get interactive media incorporated into your ‘plan of action’ & get going.

Don’t wait anymore; take the benefits of the digital media marketing with a digital marketing consultant that will help your business reach crescendo.

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How SMS Can Improve Customer Service?

SMS improves customer service

First things first!

For a successful business campaign, SMS Marketing is indeed has emerged as a great solution. It not only improves customer service but even helps to stay in touch with the customers as they keep checking their phones from time to time.

In other words, an SMS customer service acts as a customized or personalized service meaning more attention to a customer.

Let’s see how SMS Marketing can improve customer service support!

SMS Usages For Time Sensitive Messages

Did you know that an SMS is usually opened within just 3 minutes after being sent? Thus, as the message opening time is less, the response to such a message to act will also be fast & less time consuming when compared to email marketing.

Also, timing is another factor to consider. For example, sending an SMS for a movie ticket discount on a Friday works great to help your business if you have a business such as an online movie ticketing.

Creating An Opt-In Strategy Is A Must

While SMS Marketing is a great tool to thrive business, it can also irritate a customer if they have not opted for it. Thus, getting customers agreed on message sending is also very vital to not lose out on customers.

Feedback Is Important

It’s of no use to send SMSs to your targeted customers & not contact them or get their feedback. It must be done to overcome any inefficiency that customers may be facing to resolve your customer engagements.

Trying Too Much With SMSs Is Not Good

There may be campaigns that may not work due to complexities involved, and then you should not rely on or push SMS Marketing too much.

If you are going to have an SMS based campaign to roll out, you need to simply consider these points to make it work for your business.

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Latest Tool To Research Your Competitors Digital Marketing Struggles

Digital marketing competitors struggles


Getting to an online presence is a must for businesses these days. However, it must also be noted that it may take a while for your business to get full-fledged & hand you profits.

In the same context, if you are unable to fuel your digital marketing strategies to make it work for you, you may need to have a look at what social media marketing strategy or other aspects they are up to make things work for you in a jiffy.

Yes, keeping a tab on your competitors’ social media marketing efforts can help you in many ways such as saving time, energy & funds by keeping off things that may hinder your progress, come up with better designed social media marketing campaigns than them & much more.

Let’s quickly list out some tools that may help you plan better!


Willing to study various features such as competitors ranking, load time optimization or backlink checking, Serpstat comes handy as it is one of the most powerful search engine optimization platforms & keyword search tool.

What’s more, you can also go ahead & decode social media domain ranks of all types.

Twitter Sentiment Search

You must also be observing & monitoring your competitors’ brand on social media, right? If not, you must do that to get your plan in action.

However, there are more things that you can also do!

Twitter incorporates “sentiments” search to help you to find negative emoting tweets. To do this, you will have to set up social media monitoring dashboard.

Further, Twitter search widget can also be added to conduct searches. Even the cost-effective tool such as Cyfe could also be used.


The Facebook Analyzer feature of BuzzSumo could also be made handy to use. With the help of this, you can search a competitor by using their Facebook name to get all further updates.

Incorporates all mentioned social media marketing strategy to study your competitors, take a better insight into their activities, plan your actions & act accordingly to reach digital marketing business heights.

Why Do You Need Responsive Website?

Responsive website need

The usage of the internet over mobile devices has touched a new high & if you have a business, have a website & not yet having a responsive website, you may quickly lose out on not only customer engagements but even conversions.

Thus, you should create responsive website to cater to your growing base of users & make profits. Let’s quickly shed some insights as to why having a responsive web design is a must in today’s time to propel your business benefits.

Increase In The Mobile Usage
Be informed to know that users are making use of the internet on their mobile devices for at least 2-3 hours daily & they give preference to search or use only such websites that are responsive & also optimized for their mobile screens.
Thus, to get a larger chunk of the audience on your website, you have to create responsive website & make merry.

Because Google Recommends It
Google, from time to time, keep updating webmasters on its preferences & how it looks at websites & one of the major recommendations from the internet giant is nothing but to have a responsive web design. What’s more, Google also considers mobile responsiveness as a ranking factor in search results.

Benefits Galore For A Responsive Website
There are various benefits that a responsive website provides such as

  • A responsive web design makes content & pages flexible
  • Fluids across all mobile devices & screens
  • Improves user interface
  • Helps people get a positive opinion of your business (they will return)
  • Supports a better SEO campaign management

Since you now know as to why a responsive webs design, go & make the mentioned changes in your website & be awesome!

Why Should You Run Native Ads?

Native advertising


When it comes to luring customers over the web, there are diverse options such as PPC ads, banner ads and paid or promoted social media posts among much more.

While the tools above are quite useful when it comes to results, there is another form that a digital marketer should also consider – Native Advertising.

Native Advertising is nothing but a tool of advertising especially designed to match the feel & look of the website upon which it appears.

Let’s analyze as to why should you run native advertising!

It Benefits All Business Types

Small & big brands have started to make use of the native advertising even when it is just a new form to the digital advertising arena. The reason is being – the cost-effectiveness of the native advertising platforms- allowing even the startups to have a firsthand experience of it.

What’s more, with mobile devices playing a huge part in the digital marketing boost, even designing mobile native ads could also prove to be fruitful.

Low Cost-Per-Click

Did you know that native advertising platforms provide a great custom targeting, enabling you to create ads that are more interesting to end-users when compared to the conventional digital advertising forms?

Native ads are very much cost-effective as they are targeted so, resulting in high click-through rates & of course, a much low cost-per-click.

Unlike pop-ups & animated banners being intrusive, native ads attract more clicks.

Thus, if you have a small business that you would like to take bigger inroads, it would be advisable to run native ads & make cost-effective profits gradually.

Amazron Direct video : challenge to you tube ?

Amazon direct video launched on 18th April, 2016 allows video makers to reach amazon customers .


Amazon’s new streaming service acts as a big challenge to You Tube
Amazon has launched a new video upload service that allows users to upload and post videos to its website and earn money in the form of advertisements. It acts as a competitor to you tube services. Amazon’s videos are high quality and they are with good captions. The content creators can upload videos and they will be given various options like how the content needs to be distributed.

Advantages of Amazon Video Direct
Target Amazon’s most involved video streaming audience: You can target millions of Prime members with your videos and also earn revenue for the content that is viewed.
flexible sharing options: The revenue comes from various sources including purchase, subscriptions, rentals and ad impressions in case of free content.
Greater customer reach: Expanded reach to the customers where Amazon video is available and reach international audience.
Understanding performance metrics: The performance metrics will provide information to manage the Amazon Video Direct part of your business. It includes the number of times title was streamline, payment history and projected revenue.
Device opinion support: Your content will be available on variety of devices, especially those on which Amazon video is already accessible. The list includes Fire TV, Fire tablets, iOS & android tablets, laptop and mobiles.

Digital Marketing Tips For Start Ups

Digital marketing tips for startups


Starting a digital marketing agency on mind? Congratulations! You have just decided to take your business to a new level of growth of excellence & you must get some digital marketing ideas in action to see expected results in the future.

Let’s help you know some of the digital marketing advices that will be handy for you startups.

Where Do You Start?

It’s Time To Own Your Space

The first thing for startups foraying into the field of digital marketing is to ensure that you own your brand name on Google & you need to also make sure you stay on top what people are searching online & especially ‘keywords’ centric to your target audience.

Yes, once you come in the ‘scheme of things’ of what people are searching for, there are chances that your brand will be more visible & people will come to your website.

You would also need to devote your funds in an effective social media campaigns to drive users to your website & earn recognition.

You Must Know Your Target Audience

What business purpose your website will serve if you don’t know what types of audience you have?

Thus, for this very obvious reason, you must know your target sectors/markets besides also needing to work out who you are targeting online. Also, you must be using the right combination of digital marketing platforms for the right mix of the users to make a mark in a jiffy.

Give Your End-Users An Enriching Experience

Be informed to know that marketing of all types is all about creating an experience for your audience that must entice & excite them to stay on your pages & carry out purchases.

With digital marketing emerging faster than your thoughts, the scope of retaining a customer has raised by manifolds & much more could be done now.

Yes, we are consuming digital content all the time & you must figure out what is unique about your business & how can you make full use of it.

It would also be suggested that you have a mobile website without fail to attract more customers as more & more people are thronging their phones to do things online you must tap the opportunities.

There are various digital marketing companies in Pune that you can turn to not only have a rewarding digital marketing business identity but even grow & become a force to reckon with!

How Can You Transform Your Blog And Become A Digital Influencer?

Blog transformation made easy


Would you like to become one of the most visited top social media influencers?

Yes, social media publishing is indeed the great way to share expert knowledge horn your influencer status.

In the same context, let’s provide you some handy tips to transform your blog & become a digital influencer.

Go For What Is Most Relevant

While many digital marketers think that just producing articles & posting images is enough to become a great blogger, this is not enough! The strategy should be to make full use of the analytics on social media pages & know what type of content is most liked & shared, & start generating similar.

Another key here would be to have keywords in your content which is being searched more by the end-users.

Content Is King

Make sure that you are writing engaging content types such as articles, blogs, press releases & more. Yes, content with ‘wow’ factors is surely going to help you win users & much more.

Be Original

Not to mention, make it a mandatory thing to create only original content & don’t write to be politically correct or to please someone. Write for your passion of writing & win followers everyone.

Cut The Mediocrity

And yes, you need to cut the mediocrity, once you have mastered this art, there would be no stopping you & your blog to reach out for the moon!

Once you have acquired these skills on your blog, things are bound to fall in place for you & you will see your blog become famous. These tips will surely help you in the social media influencer marketing as well as these are time tested.

If you are looking for a great social influencer agency or social media consultant, you have just landed at the right place!